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Every GUI toolkit has some basic widgets: fields, labels, buttons, etc. Android’s toolkit is no different in scope, and the basic widgets will provide a good introduction as to how widgets work in Android activities..  android:text=”You were expecting something profound?”.  . • goBackOrForward() to go backward or forward in the browser history, where a negative number as an argument represents a count of steps to go backward, and a positive number represents how many steps to go forward.     } catch(Throwable t) {. First we wire up the button to close out our activity when it’s clicked, by usingsetOnClickListener() to invokefinish() on the activity.. .   btn.setOnClickListener(newView.OnClickListener() {. You can always reconnect to the service, viabindService(), if you need to use it again.. • A duration for the registration, in milliseconds — after this period, the registration automatically lapses. A value of -1 means the registration lasts until you manually remove it viaremoveProximityAlert()..  ListAdapter makeMeAnAdapter(Intent intent) {. Searching online for“android” and a class name is a good way to turn up tutorials that reference a given Android class. However, bear in mind that tutorials written before late August 2008 are probably written for the M5 SDK and, therefore, will require considerable adjustment to work properly in current SDKs..