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  android:layout_height=”wrap_content”.  }.   ViewWrapper wrap =null;.  }.    android:layout_marginRight=”4px”. db = (new DatabaseHelper(getContext())).getWritableDatabase();. Cursor result = db.query(“widgets”, columns, “name=?”,. For example, here is a snippet of code from a content provider usingSQLiteQueryBuilder:. As previously noted, if you specify the target component in your intent, Android has no doubt where the intent is supposed to be routed to— it will launch the named activity. This might be OK if the target intent is in your application. It definitely is not recommended for sending intents to other applications. Component names, by and large, are considered private to the application and are subject to change. ContentUri templates and MIME types are the preferred ways of identifying services you wish third-party code to supply.. For example, you could have an activity declared like this:.  super.onCreate(savedInstanceState);. Likeupdate(),delete() receivesa Uri representing the instance or collection to work with and aWHERE clause and parameters. If the activity is deleting a single instance, theUri should represent that instance and theWHERE clause may be null. But the activity might be requesting to delete an open-ended set of instances, using the WHERE clause to constrain which ones to delete..   super.onCreate(savedInstanceState);. To attach an overlay class to your map, just callgetOverlays() on yourMapView andadd() yourOverlay instance to it:. Screenshots.