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Android devices will frequently have access to location providers, such as GPS, that can tell your applications where the device is on the face of the Earth. In turn, you can display maps or otherwise take advantage of the location data, such as tracking a device’s movements if the device has been stolen.. InonCreate(), we look up our twoRadioGroup containers and register a listener on each, so we are notified when the radio buttons change state (setOnCheckedChangeListener(this)). Since the activity implementsOnCheckedChangeListener, the activity itself is the listener.. .  }. >. This, of course, could be handled more simply by having a singleTextView and changing the text and color on each click. However, you can imagine that theViewFlipper contents could be much more complicated, like the contents you might put into aTabView.. By and large, context menus use the same guts as option menus. The two main differences are how you populate the menu and how you are informed of menu choices..    “UTF-8”,null);. Up to now, the focus of this book has been on activities opened directly by the user from the device’s launcher. This, of course, is the most obvious case for getting your activity up and visible to the user. In many cases it is the primary way the user will start using your application..  . In the call tomanagedQuery(), we provide:. 2. A constraint statement, functioning like a SQLWHERE clause, to determine which rows should be updated.  if(keyCode == KeyEvent.KEYCODE_S) {. • Determine if the phone is in use viagetCallState(), with return values ofCALL_STATE_IDLE (phone not in use),CALL_STATE_RINGING (call requested but still being connected), andCALL_STATE_OFFHOOK (call in progress).     onSearchRequested();.