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This element suppliesandroid:name for the class implementing the activity,android:label for the display name of the activity, and (frequently) anintent-filter child element describing under what conditions this activity will be displayed. The stockactivity element sets up your activity to appear in the launcher, so users can choose to run it. As you’ll see later in this book, you can have several activities in one project if you so choose..  updateTime();. Code-wise, theGallery works much like aSpinner orGridView. In your XML layout, you have a few properties at your disposal:. So we have usedLayoutInflater to get aView representing the row. This row is“empty” since the static layout file has no idea what actual data goes into the row. It is our job to customize and populate the row as we see fit before returning it. So, we do the following:.   “etiam”, “vel”, “erat”, “placerat”, “ante”,.    android:text=”monospace:”.  publicvoid onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) {. }. • AString representing what amounts to a SQLWHERE clause, constraining which instances should be considered for the query results.

Classic IPC is one-way: the client calls functions on the service. It is possible, through the creative use of AIDL, to allow the service to call back into an activity. However, this is a bit fragile, as the service may not know if the activity is still around or if it has been killed off to free up some memory..    -73.97989511489868), “Carnegie Hall”,.  

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