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All widgets, including the ones previously shown, extend View, and as such give all widgets an array of useful properties and methods beyond those already described. . • Perhaps track other information about the row, such as state information we are not yet ready to “flush” to the underlying model.   this.rates =newfloat[delegate.getCount()];.    android:text=”This is the second panel”.   super.onCreate(icicle);.   }. @Override.   android charger cable 9.9ft gray android semi-rigid endoscope

title and value of the constant:. • AString representing what amounts to a SQLWHERE clause, constraining which instances should be considered for the query results. }.;.  publicvoid onCreate(Bundle icicle) {. Clicking on one of the views adds more information to this perspective and can be seen in Figure 37-5. [Картинка: i_098.png].

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