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Just Another Box to Check. Concepts and Properties.     android:layout_height=”80px”. On the stock Android emulator, when the activity is first viewed, you see what’s shown in Figure 7-8. [Картинка: i_019.jpg].  xmlns:android=””.  }. The alternative is to useloadData(). Here, you supply the HTML for the browser to view. You might use this to.   android:summary=”Check it on, check it off” />.     android:layout_width=”fill_parent”.  getContext().getContentResolver().notifyChange(url, null);. With that in mind, let’s take a look at AIDL and IPC..  package=””>. In Android, services can either be local or remote. Local services run in the same process as the launching activity; remote services run in their own process. A detailed discussion of remote services will be added to a future edition of this book..    “Status message!”, System.currentTimeMillis());.   map.setSatellite(!map.isSatellite());.