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 setContentView(R.layout.main);.   android:layout_height=”2px”.   return(delegate.hasStableIds());. . When you click the Make a Toast button, the Toast class makes us a text-basedToast(makeText(this, ““, LENGTH_SHORT)), which we thenshow(). The result is a short-lived, non-interrupting message (see Figure 14-2). [Картинка: i_054.jpg].  . cv.put(Constants.VALUE, SensorManager.GRAVITY_DEATH_STAR_I);.  int inventory = result.getInt(2);. For some activities, that limitation is not a problem. For others, though, it is more annoying. Take an online chat, for example. You have no means of storing a socket in aBundle, so by default, you will have to drop your connection to the chat server and re-establish it. That not only may be a performance hit, but it might also affect the chat itself, such as you appearing in the chat logs as disconnecting and reconnecting.. 1. Put anandroid:configChanges entry in yourAndroidManifest.xml file, listing the configuration changes you want to handle yourself versus allowing Android to

handle for you..   } else{. Or, you can create and populate aCriteria object, stating the particulars of what you want out of aLocationProvider, such as the following:.  publicvoid onProviderEnabled(String provider) {. importjava.util.ArrayList;. Soft keyboards take effect automatically, for basic functionality. The EditText widgets in your layout will cause the soft keyboard to spring up, assuming the device either does not have a QWERTY keyboard (e.g., HTC Magic) or is being held with the keyboard closed (e.g., T-Mobile G1 in portrait mode) as seen in Figure A-1. [Картинка: i_110.png].

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