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android fighting games can android version be downgraded

Of course, Android devices are typically phones, allowing your software to initiate calls, send and receive SMS messages, and everything else you expect from a modern bit of telephony technology.. • android:layout_centerInParent says the widget should be positioned both horizontally and vertically at the center of the container.. .   . When you click the Make a Toast button, the Toast class makes us a text-basedToast(makeText(this, ““, LENGTH_SHORT)), which we thenshow(). The result is a short-lived, non-interrupting message (see Figure 14-2). [Картинка: i_054.jpg].  . Given that you have a database and one or more tables, you probably want to put some data in them and such. You have two major approaches for doing this..  me.enableCompass();. In either case, the search appears as a set of UI components across the top of the screen, with your activity blurred underneath it (see Figures 36-1 and 36-2). [Картинка: i_092.jpg].