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If you have a working graphical display, you can start this program by selecting System->Administration->Display from the panel menus (System Settings->Display in KDE). You’ll need to enter the root password when prompted.. Fonts can be easily added or removed by manually copying the font files or by using the file managers: Nautilus (GNOME) or Konqueror (KDE).. If CMOS semiconductors were perfect, they would consume power only when they changed state. They’re not perfect, so they leak energy and consume power when idle, but that’s a tiny fraction of the power they consume when changing state..  InputDevice “Keyboard0” “CoreKeyboard”. ? To select several files that are not adjacent, click on the first one, and then hold Ctrl and click on additional ones.. For example, to start the web service (namedhttpd ):. Although this command installs the repository files, most of them are disabled by default. This is because some repositories are not compatible.. You will then be presented with a shell prompt ( sh-3.1# ). The LVM device nodes will not be present until you scan for them and activate them:.

The name of the file that will store information for this zone. Use the default value for this field.. 7.4.2. How Does It Work?. serverroot /etc/httpd. $fetchmail  . Select OK to return to the main screen ( Figure 8-3 ); select OK on that screen to save your settings and exit.. The most frequently altered lines are highlighted in bold:logrotate is initially configured to rotate logs every week and to save the last four historical logfiles in addition to the current log. If you have a lot of storage and wish to keep more history, edit the rotate line to increase the number of history files maintained, or change the weekly line to monthly to reduce the frequency of history snapshots (which can make it easier to analyze patterns over a longer period of time without merging data from several files).. firewall –enabled –port=5900:tcp –ssh –http –smtp.

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