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What makes this even more complicated is the order of evaluation. Android makes a single pass through your XML layout and computes the size and position of each widget in sequence. This has a couple of ramifications:. • android:numColumns spells out how many columns there are, or, if you supply a value ofauto_fit, Android will compute the number of columns based on available space and the following properties..   android:layout_height=”fill_parent”.    ViewGroup parent) {.    rate.setStepSize(1.0f);. The Android browser is sufficiently complex that it gets its own Java package (android.webkit), though using the WebView widget itself can be simple or powerful, based upon your requirements..     .setTitle(“MessageDemo”).    android:title=”Ringtone Preference”. To create and open a database, your best option is to craft a subclass ofSQLiteOpenHelper. This class wraps up the logic to create and upgrade a database, per your specifications, as needed by

your application. Your subclass ofSQLiteOpenHelper will need three methods:. So, for example, you can use the following code:.  String url = String.format(format, loc.getLatitude(), loc.getLongitude());. On the other hand, imagine an email application in Android. When the user elects to view an attachment, neither you nor the user necessarily expects the main activity to know when the user is done viewing that attachment..    .  }. • -t to supply the target ID for use with this project, following the same target system used when creating AVDs, described in the preceding section“Getting Started, Virtually” (e.g.,-t 3).

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