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 @Override. Figure 7-1.The relationship between a widget, its cell, and the padding values.  TextView label = null;. Adding Them Up.  }. Note that Android does not seem to like all TrueType fonts. When Android dislikes a custom font, rather than raise anException, it seems to substitute Droid Sans (“sans”) quietly. So, if you try to use a different font and it does not seem to be working, it may be that the font in question is incompatible with Android, for whatever reason..  return(super.onCreateOptionsMenu(menu));.  switch(item.getItemId()) {.  . The biggest difference from other SQL databases you will encounter is probably the data typing. While you can specify the data types for columns in aCREATE TABLE statement, and while SQLite will use those as a hint, that is as far as it goes. You can put whatever data you want

in whatever column you want. Put a string in an INTEGER column? Sure! No problem! Vice versa? Works too! SQLite refers to this as“manifest typing,” as described in the documentation:[22].   String page =generatePage();. To demonstrate launching a peer activity, take a peek at theActivities/Launch sample application in the Source Code section at The XML layout is fairly straightforward: two fields for the latitude and longitude, plus a button:. Alas, this does not work. You cannot host other applications’ activities in your tabs — only your own activities, for security reasons.. CHAPTER 34.   items.add(new OverlayItem(getPoint(40.70686417491799,.

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