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Multimedia. To build the activity, either use your IDE’s built-in Android packaging tool, or run ant in the base directory of your project. Then, to run the activity do the following: .  (this,. • Iterate over the rows viamoveToFirst(),moveToNext(), andisAfterLast().   android:text=”Go!”. public classIntentTabDemo extendsTabActivity {.   android:layout_height=”fill_parent”. Classic IPC is one-way: the client calls functions on the service. It is possible, through the creative use of AIDL, to allow the service to call back into an activity. However, this is a bit fragile, as the service may not know if the activity is still around or if it has been killed off to free up some memory.. ThebindService() method takes three parameters:. 1. Get access to theNotificationManager instance.. TheWeather andWeatherPlus sample applications (available in the Source Code area at show how to register for updates — callrequestLocationUpdates() on yourLocationManager instance. This takes four parameters:. Questions. Sometimes with Answers..