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• Anapplication element defining the guts of the application that the manifest describes.. • android:numColumns spells out how many columns there are, or, if you supply a value ofauto_fit, Android will compute the number of columns based on available space and the following properties.. For example, here is a XML layout from theSelection/Grid sample project, showing aGridView configuration:.   android:numColumns=”auto_fit”.   int position, long id) {.  }. The typical approach to keeping users informed of progress is some form of progress bar or“throbber” (think the animated graphic towards the upper-right corner of many Web browsers). Android supports this through theProgressBar widget..  publicvoid onCreate(Bundle icicle) {.       handler.sendMessage(handler.obtainMessage());.  ringtone.setText(prefs.getString(“ringtone”, ““));.   android:layout_height=”wrap_content”. String strFormat =getString(R.string.my_name);.  . That being said, building a content provider is of huge importance if your application wishes to make data available to other applications. If your application is keeping its data solely to itself, you may be able to avoid creating a content provider, just accessing the data directly from your activities. But if you want your data to possibly be used by others— for example, if you are building a feed reader and you want other programs to be able to access the feeds you are downloading and caching — then a content provider is right for you..  android:name=”.Provider”.