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   android:id=”@+id/center”. The easiest relations to set up tie a widget’s position to that of its container:. Spin Control. • Consolidate all our per-widget type casting in one place, rather than having to cast it everywhere we callfindViewById().   ArrayList list = newArrayList();.  publicvoid onListItemClick(ListView parent, View v,.  publicvoid onCreate(Bundle icicle) {. TheonCreateContextMenu() method gets theContextMenu itself, theView the context menu is associated with, and aContextMenu.ContextMenuInfo, which tells you which item in the list the user did the tap-and-hold over, in case you want to customize the context menu based on that information. For example, you could toggle a checkable menu choice based on the current state of the item.. Checking Them Out. Now, the Caveats. .   return(contact);.    }. • Maybe you are writing an Android interface to a sales management application (a and you want to offer users the ability to call prospects with a single button click, and without them having to keep those contacts both in your application and in the phone’s contacts application.    setListAdapter(adapter);.