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  Context ctxt;. It might be bad for the immediate user experience, if the list appears to be sluggish. More likely, though, it will be bad due to battery usage— every bit of CPU that is used eats up the battery. This is compounded by the extra work the garbage collector needs to do to get rid of all those extra objects you create. So the less efficient your code, the more quickly the phone’s battery will be drained, and the less happy the user will be. And you want happy users, right?.  }. Actually using a menu, once it’s defined in XML, is easy. Just create aMenuInflater and tell it to inflate your menu:. }. Here is where you initialize your user interface and set up anything that needs to be done once, regardless of how the activity gets used..    android:key=”@string/checkbox”. . . cv.put(Constants.VALUE, SensorManager.GRAVITY_DEATH_STAR_I);.   super.onCreate(savedInstanceState);. Of course, you can always do it the“hard way” — pulling data out of theCursor by hand. TheCursor interface is similar in concept to other database access APIs offering cursors as objects, though, as always, the devil is in the details.. • AUri representing the collection or instance being queried. For SQLite-backed storage providers, however, thequery() method implementation should be largely boilerplate. Use aSQLiteQueryBuilder to convert the various parameters into a single SQL statement, then usequery() on the builder to actually invoke the query and give you aCursor back. TheCursor is what yourquery() method then returns.. Manifest Destiny.