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Hence, developing programs for a phone is a different experience than developing desktop applications, Web sites, or back-end server processes. You wind up with different-looking tools, different-behaving frameworks, and“different than you’re used to” limitations on what you can do with your program..   cb=(CheckBox)findViewById(;. LikeCheckBox,RadioButton inherits fromCompoundButton, which in turn inherits fromTextView. Hence, all the standardTextView properties for font face, style, color, etc., are available for controlling the look of radio buttons. Similarly, you can callisChecked() on aRadioButton to see if it is selected,toggle() to select it, and so on, like you can with aCheckBox..    label.setText(items[position]);.    }.  .  android:orientation=”vertical”.  publicvoid onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) {.   contact = null;.    android:screenOrientation=”portrait”.   String responseBody = client.execute(getMethod, responseHandler);.  .