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android hide status bar can android be hacked

  android:layout_span=”3″/>.  }.    dateAndTime.set(Calendar.HOUR_OF_DAY, hourOfDay);.    selection = (TextView)findViewById(;.    android:text=”Hello, world!”. public classBrowserDemo1 extendsActivity {. To see this in action, let’s look at theResources/Strings demo, which can be found in the Source Code area of Here is the layout file:.   Element temp = (Element)temps.item(i);. The combination of the scheme and the namespace is known as the“base Uri” of a content provider, or a set of data supported by a content provider. In the previous example,content://constants is the baseUri for a content provider that serves up information about“constants” (in this case, physical constants)..  super.onPause();.      Uri.parse(toDial)));.  private static finalint CLOSE_ID = Menu.FIRST+3;. The main activity—LoremDemo— just uses aListAdapter for the whole word list:. android create avd -n … -t …. AsyncTask manages a work queue with a thread pool, so you do not need to implement that yourself. Moreover, all of the communication between foreground and background threads are handled for you. All you need to do is override a few methods to describe what you want done in the background or in the foreground..