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 xmlns:android=””.  implementsTextWatcher {.  publicvoid onListItemClick(ListView parent, View v,. This technique— supplying an alternate layout to use for rows — handles simple cases very nicely. However, it isn’t sufficient when you have more-complicated scenarios for your rows, such as the following:.   super.onCreate(icicle);.  . . • Strings, colors, arrays, and dimensions (res/values/), to both give these sorts of constants symbolic names and to keep them separate from the rest of the code (e.g., for internationalization and localization). • android.resource://…, is the name of the Java package used by your application inAndroidManifest.xml and… is the numeric resource ID for the resource in question (e.g., the value public classXMLResourceDemoextendsListActivity {. • The constructor, chaining upward to theSQLiteOpenHelper constructor. This takes theContext (e.g., anActivity), the name of the database, an optional cursor factory (typically, just passnull), and an integer representing the version of the database schema you are using.. More than likely, you will also want to have your secondary (non-MAIN) activities specify the MIME type of data they work on. Then, if an intent is targeted for that MIME type— either directly, or indirectly by the Uri referencing something of that type — Android will know that the component handles such data..   android:layout_weight=”1″.   service = null;. • -a to supply the name of the activity class (e.g., -a MyMainActivity).