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Every programming-language or -environment book starts off with the ever-popular“Hello, World!” demonstration: just enough of a program to prove you can build things, not so much. If we toggle the Center or Right radio button, the bottomRadioGroup adjusts to match (see Figures 7-4 and 7-5). [Картинка: i_015.jpg].  }.   android:layout_width=”fill_parent”.  @Override.    .  Reading. 2. The list of columns to retrieve.     } catch(bsh.EvalError e) {. privatevoid updateForecast(Location loc) {. The result can be seen in Figure 22-1. [Картинка: i_072.png]. If you would like to offer alternative actions to users, but by means other thanaddIntentOptions(), you could callqueryIntentActivityOptions(), get theIntent instances, then use them to populate some other user interface (e.g., a toolbar)..    publicvoid onClick(View view) {.  @Override. • You cannot create directories through this tool. You will either need to useadb shell or create them from within your application..