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To make this work, in addition to settingandroid:layout_width (for rows) orandroid:layout_height (for columns) tofill_parent, you must also setandroid:layout_weight. This property indicates what proportion of the free space should go to that widget. If you setandroid:layout_weight to be the same value for a pair of widgets (e.g., 1), the free space will be split evenly between them. If you set it to be 1 for one widget and 2 for another widget, the second widget will use up twice the free space that the first widget does, and so on.Gravity.  android:layout_height=”wrap_content”. By default, each column will be sized according to the“natural” size of the widest widget in that column (taking spanned columns into account). Sometimes, though, that does not work out very well, and you need more control over column behavior.. .