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Achieving the Minimum.  xmlns:android=””.   . . Your hook into theWebView activity is viasetWebViewClient(), which takes an instance of aWebViewClient implementation as a parameter. The supplied callback object will be notified of a wide range of activities, ranging from when parts of a page have been retrieved (onPageStarted(), etc.) to when you, as the host application, need to handle certain user-or circumstance-initiated events, such asonTooManyRedirects() andonReceivedHttpAuthRequest(), etc..  android:layout_width=”fill_parent”.  10px. If you need to use SSL, bear in mind that the defaultHttpClient setup does not include SSL support. Mostly, this is because you need to decide how to handle SSL certificate presentation— do you blindly accept all certificates, even self-signed or expired ones? Or do you want to ask the user if they really want to use some strange certificates?.     android:layout_height=”wrap_content”. Figure

32-2. Our notification as it appears on the status bar, with our status message. If you have ever used the full-size edition of Google Maps, you are probably used to seeing things overlaid atop the map itself, such as“push-pins” indicating businesses near the location being searched. In map parlance — and, for that matter, in many serious graphic editors — the push-pins are on a separate layer than the map itself, and what you are seeing is the composition of the push-pin layer atop the map layer.. Audio Playback Options.

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