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Of course, there are ways to deal with this, such as making the second line of text visible or invisible depending on whether it is needed. And on a phone every millisecond of CPU time is precious, possibly for the user experience, but always for battery life— more CPU utilization means a more quickly drained battery..  if(label==null) {. Lists with pretty icons next to them are all fine and well. But can we createListView widgets whose rows contain interactive child widgets instead of just passive widgets likeTextView andImageView? For example, could we combine theRatingBar with text in order to allow

people to scroll a list of, say, songs and rate them right inside the list?.  }.  }.   android:layout_width=”fill_parent”.    android:id=”@+id/sans”. The result can be seen in Figure 22-1. [Картинка: i_072.png]. }.   if(contact!=null) {.  }. @Override. The differences, though, are critical.. public static finalString BROADCAST_ACTION =. • Filter the Log tab by any of the five logging levels, shown as the V through E toolbar buttons..

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