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 android:layout_height=”fill_parent”.  .   “consectetuer”, “adipiscing”, “elit”, “morbi”, “vel”,.  android:layout_height=”fill_parent”>. CHAPTER 10.   alert = (Button)findViewById(;. To send aMessage to aHandler, first invokeobtainMessage() to get theMessage object out of the pool. There are a few flavors ofobtainMessage(), allowing you to just create emptyMessage objects, or ones populated with message identifiers and arguments. The more complicated yourHandler processing needs to be, the more likely it is you will need to put data into theMessage to help theHandler distinguish different events..   bar.setProgress(0);. Since you can get only anInputStream, you have no means of modifying this file. Hence, it is really useful only for static reference data. Moreover, since it is unchanging until the user installs an updated version of your application package, either the reference data has to be valid for the foreseeable future, or you need to provide some means of updating the data. The simplest way to handle that is to use the reference data to bootstrap some other modifiable form of storage (e.g., a database), but this makes for two copies of the data in storage. An alternative is to keep the reference data as is but keep modifications in a file or database, and merge them together when you need a complete picture of the information. For example, if your application ships a file of URLs, you could have a second file that tracks URLs added by the user or reference URLs that were deleted by the user..