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Android provides a few specialandroid:id values, of the form@android:id/…. We will see some of these in various chapters of this book, such as Chapters 8 and 10..  publicvoid onCreate(Bundle icicle) {. In the abstract, adapters provide a common interface to multiple disparate APIs. More specifically, in Android’s case, adapters provide a common interface to the data model behind a selection-style widget, such as a listbox. This use of Java interfaces is fairly common (e.g., Java/Swing’s model adapters forJTable), and Java is far from the only environment offering this sort of abstraction (e.g., Flex’s XML data-binding framework accepts XML inlined as static data or retrieved from the Internet)..   android:id=”@+id/selection”. }. }. There is good news and bad news..   return(rate);. As previously mentioned, there is no navigation toolbar with

the WebView widget. This allows you to use it in places where such a toolbar would be pointless and a waste of screen real estate. That being said, if you want to offer navigational capabilities, you can, but you have to supply the UI..     .setMessage(“eek!”).  TextView result;.   long id) {. This would stipulate that you wanted to launch theHelpActivity. This activity would need to be named in yourAndroidManifest.xml file, though not necessarily with anyIntent filter, since you are trying to request it directly..   viewButton.setEnabled(contact!=null);.    }.

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