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• AndroidManifest.xml, an XML file describing the application being built and what components— activities, services, etc. — are being supplied by that application.  setContentView(btn);. • android:singleLine, to control if the field is for single-line input or multiple-line input (e.g., does Enter move you to the next widget or add a newline?).   android:text=”Rock” />. To help navigate the tree of widgets and containers that make up an activity’s overall view, you can use:.   “ligula”, “vitae”, “arcu”, “aliquet”, “mollis”,.   tabs.addTab(spec);. WebView offers ways to perform garden-variety browser navigation, including the following:. public classMessageDemo extendsActivity implementsView.OnClickListener {.   . String Theory.    publicvoid onClick(View view) {.

• AString representing what amounts to a SQLWHERE clause, constraining which instances should be considered for the query results. Here,BROADCAST_ACTION is simply a staticString with a value that will distinguish this Intent from all others:. 1. TheLoremDemo main activity gets ameta-data element, with anandroid:name and aandroid:value of the search implementation class (.LoremSearch)..

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