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android micro usb cable how android build works

 android:layout_height=”wrap_content”.    ViewGroup parent) {. @Override. The checkbox can be directly checked or unchecked. To change the ringtone preference, just click on the entry in the preference list to bring up a selection dialog like the one in Figure 17-2. [Картинка: i_057.png]. importandroid.view.View;.   }.    android:layout_height=”wrap_content”.;.  @Override. • res/layout-port-notouch-640×480.   bufResult.append(forecast.getTime());. }. Note that the issue here is less about whether other applications might“mess up” your data, and more about privacy of the user’s information or use of services that might incur expense. That is where the stock permissions for built-in Android applications are focused — can you read or modify contacts, can you send SMS messages, etc. If your application does not store information that might be considered private, security is less of an issue. If, on the other hand, your application stores private data, such as medical information, security is much more important.. .  }.