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  android:layout_width=”wrap_content”. }.  if(icon==null) {.  publicvoidonCreate(Bundle icicle) {. >.   android:title=”Sans Icon” />. There are two main ways to get content into theWebView. One, shown earlier, is to provide the browser with a URL and have the browser display that page vialoadUrl(). The browser will access the Internet through whatever means are available to that specific device at the present time (WiFi, cellular network, Bluetooth-tethered phone, well-trained tiny carrier pigeons, etc.)..  . importandroid.os.Bundle;. You can, of course, put these RGB values as string literals in Java source or layout resources. If you wish to turn them into resources, though, all you need to do is add color elements to the resources file, with a name attribute for your unique name for this color, and a single text element containing the RGB value itself:. You are also welcome to use third-party Java code, where possible, to handle other formats, such as a dedicated RSS/Atom parser for a feed reader. The use of third-party Java code is discussed in Chapter 21.. Getting Properties. One of the firms behind the Open Handset Alliance— Google — has a teeny-weeny Web search service, one you might have heard of in passing. Given that, it’s not surprising that Android has some built-in search capabilities. Specifically, Android has baked in the notion of searching not only on the device for data, but over the air to Internetsources of data. Your applications can participate in the search process by triggering searches or perhaps by allowing your application’s data to be searched..  @Override. For example, to create a 1GB SD card image, to simulate the G1’s SD card in the emulator, you could run:.