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   android:text=”right” />.   selection=(TextView)findViewById(;.   g.setAdapter(new FunnyLookingAdapter(this,.  if(label==null) {.   int position, long id) {. The rating list in the previous section works, but implementing it is very tedious. Worse, much of that tedium would not be reusable except in very limited circumstances. We can do better..   android:id=”@+id/selection”.   TabHost.TabSpec spec = tabs.newTabSpec(tag1);. Then, you need to tell your widgets to use that font. Unfortunately, you can no longer use layout XML for this, since the XML does not know about any fonts you may have tucked away as an application asset. Instead, you need to make the change in Java code:. Saving instance state is handled byonSaveInstanceState(). This supplies aBundle into which activities can pour whatever data they need (e.g., the number showing on the calculator’s display). This method implementation needs to be speedy, so do not try to be too fancy — just put your data in theBundle and exit the method..   setListAdapter(newArrayAdapter(this,.  ArrayList items =newArrayList();.   orderBy = sort;. On the Move.  publicvoid onProviderEnabled(String provider) {.