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 @Override. onStart(), onRestart(), and onStop().  android:orientation=”vertical”.    }.     BufferedReader reader = new BufferedReader(tmp);.   android:layout_height=”wrap_content”. • android.resource://…, is the name of the Java package used by your application inAndroidManifest.xml and… is the textual name of the raw resource (e.g.,foo forres/drawable/foo.png). Not all available Java code, of course, will work well with Android. There are a number of factors to consider, including the following:. • A MIME type, indicating the type of resource you want to operate on, if you don’t know a collectionUri.. The upshot is that you want to

make your intents specific enough to find the right receiver(s), and no more specific than that..  . Handling Rotation. • UsebulkInsert() with a collectionUri and an array ofContentValues structures to populate several rows at once. Zoom.     return(true);.

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