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android update new version how android emulator works

 setContentView(R.layout.main);.    label.setText(items[position]);. Assuming that each of your rows has the same basic structure, you can usefindViewById() to get at the individual widgets that make up your row and change their contents, then returnconvertView fromgetView() rather than create a whole new row..    android:text=”Hello, world!”.   @Override.  setContentView(R.layout.main);.     new OutputStreamWriter(openFileOutput(NOTES, 0));. 1. First up, Android tosses out ones that are specifically invalid. So, for example, if the screen size of the device is 320×240, the 640×480 directories would be dropped as candidates, since they specifically call for some other size.. importandroid.view.View;. In a Chapter 34, you will see how you can create maps in your own activities, in case you need greater control over how the map is displayed.. • An array ofMenu.Items, which will hold the menu items matching the array ofIntent instances supplied as the“specifics,” ornull if you do not need those items (or are not using“specifics”).. DIY Rotation.  if(isCollectionUri(url)) {. InonResume(), we register a staticBroadcastReceiver to receiveIntents matching the action declared by the service. InonPause(), we disable thatBroadcastReceiver, since we will not be receiving any suchIntents while paused, anyway.. • -t to supply the target ID for use with this project, following the same target system used when creating AVDs, described in the preceding section“Getting Started, Virtually” (e.g.,-t 3).