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android youtube will not open where is android jdk

• crashing the phone’s operating system, such as by leaking memory like a sieve. • 1, indicating the original Android 1.0 SDK. I discuss that magicalBundle icicle in Chapter 16. For the moment, consider it an opaque handle that all activities receive upon creation..   orientation=(RadioGroup)findViewById(;. For example, here is thegetView() implementation from last time, now optimized viaconvertView (from theFancyLists/Recycling project at   }.   android:text=”Set the Date”. Here is where you initialize your user interface and set up anything that needs to be done once, regardless of how the activity gets used.. importandroid.view.View;. • res/layout-land-stylus-qwerty-480×320. • The constructor, chaining upward to theSQLiteOpenHelper constructor. This takes theContext (e.g., anActivity), the name of the database, an optional cursor factory (typically, just passnull), and an integer representing the version of the database schema you are using..   setContentView(R.layout.main);.   synchronized(this) {.  }. • Implementsize() to return the number of items to be handled by the overlay.