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apex server hosting how to xmpp server

? RemovableThe standard disk type associated with removable storage devices.. Using removable storage devices. REAL WORLDAlthough compression is certainly a useful feature when you want to save disk space, you can’t encrypt compressed data. Compression and encryption are mutually exclusive alternatives for NTFS volumes, which means you have the choice of using compression or using encryption. You can’t use both techniques. For more information on encryption, see “Encrypting drives and data” later inthis chapter. If you try to compress encrypted data, Windows Server 2012 R2 automatically decrypts the data, and then compresses it. Likewise, if you try to encrypt compressed data, Windows Server 2012 R2 uncompresses the data, and then encrypts it.. ?Add the Data Deduplication role service if you want to enable data deduplication.. ? File SystemSets the file system type, such as NTFS or ReFS.. ? # LocksThe number of locks on the resource.. ?Edit the permissions of the parent object.. 1.In the Security Templates snap-in, select the Registry node or the File System node, depending on which type

of file path with which you want work. In the right pane, all currently secured paths are listed.. 5.If you changed the Policy Removal option, tap or click Apply, and then tap or click the Target tab. Otherwise, just tap or click the Target tab.. ?DS (Domain Services). ? PTR (pointer)Creates a pointer that maps an IP address to a host name for reverse lookups.. You can disable spooling by selecting the Print Directly To The Printer option. The following additional check boxes let you configure other spooling options:. ? Windows Server Backup Module for Windows PowerShellA set of backup and recovery cmdlets accessible through Windows PowerShell. You run and use these cmdlets from an elevated, administrator Windows PowerShell prompt. Enterget-help *wb*for a full list of supported cmdlets.. wbadmin get versions [-backupTarget:{VolumeName|NetworkSharepath}]. Follow these steps to restore a personal certificate:.

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