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Apple Emac Problems emacs find and replace

Chapter 13,Platform-Specific Considerations, discusses how to install Emacs on Unix, Windows, and Mac OS X. It also provides platform-specific information for Windows and Mac OS X.. Unicode support. You can search forward or backward. Searches can be either case-sensitive, meaning that Emacs considers upper- and lowercase letters to be different (i.e., the wordsThis andthis are different) or case-insensitive, in which upper- and lowercase are not differentiated (i.e.,This andthis are equivalent). By default, searches are case-insensitive, with upper- and lowercase letters considered to be the same. One exception: if you type any uppercase letters, Emacs makes the whole search string case-sensitive; it assumes you are looking for something precise since you’ve made the extra effort to type some letters in uppercase.. The most commonly used window command isC-x 2 (forsplit-window-vertically). This command splits the current window into two, horizontally oriented windows. You can repeat this command to split the screen into more horizontal windows.. Type:C-x C-f blake. Let’s start editing the macro.. 7.5.1 CUA Rectangle Editing. 8.5 Marking up Text for TEX and LATEX. 10.2.3 A Sample .emacs File. В В В В В В В В attempt result). These examples of hooks are only the briefest indication of how far you can go in customizing Emacs’s major modes. The best part is that, with hooks, you can do an incredible amount of customization without touching the code that implements the modes. In exchange, you should remember, when you do write your own modes, to think about useful places to put hooks so others can take advantage of them.. 12.13.7 Customizing Ediff. 31. 83.