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Apple Emac Problems emacs keybinding

Thirty deletions by default is a nice size—far more generous than most programs offer. But you can enlarge or reduce the size of the kill ring if you wish, using a variable calledkill-ring-max. To experiment, give the command:M-x set-variable Enter kill-ring-max Enternew-valueEnter (wherenew-value is a number).. (define-key global-map “\C-x\C-u” ‘undo). [Картинка: i_073.jpg]. Making passwords invisible in shell mode. [Картинка: i_108.jpg]. One of the more difficult things to do in picture mode is to type a standard carriage return that breaks a line in the middle. You can move to a point in the middle of a line, typeC-k to kill the right-hand portion, typeC-o to insert a blank line; typeEnter to move to the beginning of this blank line, and typeC-y to yank the right-hand part of the line back. Or you can use thesplit-line command (C-M-o), and then delete the blank space at the

beginning of the new line.. We aren’t going to go deep into artist mode, but we would like to give you a flavor of the basic drawing choices. You can draw rectangles (our personal favorite), ellipses, lines (which strive to be straight), and poly-lines (which strive to be polygon-angular).Figure 7-6 shows a representative sample of shapes. With practice, you can create complex drawings and edit them, either using the mouse or using standard picture mode commands.. (autoload ‘html-helper-mode “html-helper-mode” “Yay HTML” t). 9.5.4 Installing the JDEE. (setenv “SHELL” shell-file-name). В В …). Print the number of lines in the buffer.. В В (setq calc-stack nil). В В В В В В В В В (define-key html-mode-map”\C-c\C-h” ‘html-head). TableВ E-17.В C motion commands.

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