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? StretchTouch an item with two or more fingers, and then move the fingers way from each other. Stretching zooms in.. ? Volume LabelSpecifies a text label for the partition. This label is the partition’s volume name.. 2.On the General tab of the Properties dialog box, tap or click Advanced. Clear the Compress Contents To Save Disk Space check box. Tap or click OK twice.. ?Self-healing NTFS. 2.Press and hold or right-click the share with which you want to work, and then tap or click Properties.. 1.In Computer Management, connect to the computer on which the share is created.. TABLE 4–5Policies for Setting NTFS disk quotasPOLICY NAMEDESCRIPTIONApply Policy To Removable MediaDetermines whether quota policies apply to NTFS volumes on removable media. If you don’t enable this policy, quota limits apply only to fixed media drives.Enable Disk QuotasTurns disk quotas on or off for all NTFS volumes of the computer, and prevents users from changing the setting.Enforce Disk Quota LimitSpecifies whether quota limits are enforced. If quotas are enforced, users will be denied disk space if they exceed the quota. This overrides settings on the Quota tab on the NTFS volume.Log Event When Quota LimitExceeded Determines whether an event is logged when users reach their limit, and prevents users from changing their logging options.Log Event When Quota Warning Level ExceededDetermines whether an event is logged when users reach the warning level.Specify Default Quota Limit And Warning LevelSets a default quota limit and warning level for all users. This setting overrides other settings and affects only new users.. ?If you don’t select any outbound authentication methods, the outbound LAN Manager authentication level is set as Send NTLMv2 Response Only, and an additional page is displayed to enable you to set the inbound authentication method. On the Inbound Authentication Using Domain Accounts page, choose the types of computers from which the selected

server will accept connections. Your choices set the inbound LAN Manager authentication level that will be used. If the computer communicates only with Windows XP Professional or later computers, clear both options to ensure that the computer uses the highest level of inbound LAN Manager authentication. If the computer communicates with older PCs, accept the default selections. Tap or click Next.. On networks with hundreds or thousands of computers, the Automatic Updates process can use a considerable amount of network bandwidth, and having all the computers check for updates and install them over the Internet doesn’t make sense. Instead, consider using the Specify Intranet Microsoft Update Service Location policy, which tells individual computers to check a designated internal server for updates.. 2.Double-tap or double-click Internet Protocol Version 6 (TCP/IPv6) or Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) as appropriate for the type of IP address you are configuring.. ?A blue warning icon indicates that the server’s state has changed or a warning has been issued.. 1.In the DHCP console, double-tap or double-click the server with which you want to work, and then expand its IPv4 and IPv6 folders in the tree view. This should display the currently configured scopes for the server.. ?Managing DNS servers. ? Print deviceThe print device is the physical device that prints documents on paper. Common print device problems and display errors include Insert Paper Into Tray X, Low Toner, Out Of Paper, Out Of Toner or Out Of Ink, Paper Jam, and Printer Offline.. 4.Use the command prompt to perform troubleshooting. For example, you could run the Startup Repair Wizard by enteringx: \sources\recovery\startrep.exe..

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