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So maybe, then, it has the silly body because it’s somehow capable of doubling up as a bus. Nope. It has seating for just five and a boot that is surprisingly small.. In almost every other way, however, it’s better. With new sills and a new front spoiler, it looks even more beautiful than the DBS. It looks more beautiful than the most beautiful thing you can think of. Especially in deep, dark, last-vestige-of-the-day navy blue. And doubly especially if you go for the convertible version.. Of course, a Ferrari is a much nicer thing to own and to behold and to touch, but when it comes to the business of driving, or going from point A to point B as fast as possible, no Ferrari would see which way the GT-R went. Ferrari is Manchester United. The GT-R is Barcelona.. Jaguar XF 2.2 Diesel Premium Luxury. One minute you are gliding pastHMS Belfast, a second world war battle cruiser, and no sooner have you taken stock of its rear end than it’s time to swivel round and gawp at London’s signature dish – Tower Bridge. It’s not a river cruise, really; it’s time travel.. Then there was the engine. Oh dear. I distinctly remember thinking after just a few miles, by which time I’d reached 6 or 7 mph, that oil was a much better lubricant than the garden furniture Hyundai had plainly decided to use instead. The only good news was that you could never reach a high-enough speed to be worried by the fact that the brakes were made from old milk bottle tops and didn’t work.. Truth be told, though, you get Christian radio in a Mercedes S-class as well. And with that car you will always have upmarket mini-cabbers queuing around the clock when the time comes to sell. It’s a more sensible buy.. This is emphatically not a car for enthusiasts. It would not be capable of getting around the N?rburgring, mainly because by the time you reached the Carousel corner, you’d have died from old age – 0 to 62 mph takes 12.1 seconds, for crying out loud.. And now we get to the vexed question of price. Citro?n obviously knows it’s vexed, which is why the actual cost of the car – the single most important fact – is not listed in the press pack. But I’ve managed to find it. And for the top-of-the-range 1.6-litre HDi 115 XTR that I tested, it’s ?16,795. You can have a normal car for that.. But towering above the ride in the big bag of mistakes is the fuel tank. It may be large enough if the engine under the bonnet is a diesel, but when it’s a turbo nutter petrol bastard, you can’t even get from London to Sheffield and back without filling up. God knows what it will be like when the 350-bhp four-wheel-drive version arrives next year. That won’t be able to get from 0 to 62 mph without spluttering to a halt.. Which brings us on to the new Porsche 911. It’s longer than before and has a wider track. And although 90 per cent of the components are new, it is still very definitely a 911. Except for one thing. It isn’t.. That puts paid to my theory on the ascent of manual. So what manner of new stuff is to be found on the new model, I hear you ask. Well, stand by and roll the drums, because… it comes with the option of having a choice of fragrances in the air-conditioning system. Don’t mock. In thirty years’ time, when the S-class is a minicab, you will welcome anything that masks the overpowering aroma of the driver’s armpits.. A BMW accepts that you are not a nincompoop. It accepts that you may be a very good driver, and that you may want to have some fun before the electronic nanny tells you to come inside and wash your hands before dinner.. And so in 1967 the changeover date became August 1. This, it was felt, would create two spikes. One at the beginning of the year, when people could take delivery of a 1968 model. And one in August, when the new letter became available. But it didn’t work. That letter meant more than the endeavours of Pope Gregory..