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We see this specialness in other things too. There’s a little spot just below the village of Keld in the Yorkshire Dales. It has grass and some trees and a bit of sky, all the ingredients you would find on a roundabout in Milton Keynes. And yet the spot I’m talking about is special and a roundabout is not. Why? Dunno. It just is.. This is why, if you have the wherewithal, it’s very important that you go out tomorrow morning and buy a supercar.. This caused me to break out a spade. And what a stupid, terrible, ungainly thing this is. You plunge it into the ooze, and everything you pick up simply falls back into the water again. Pretty soon I was sweating like an Egyptian boilerman and my back muscles felt like they might actually be on fire. And still the water kept on coming.. This went to their heads. So as soon as the last passenger was seated, they would simply pull out, even if a car was alongside. On many occasions I’ve been forced to swerve into the path of oncoming traffic by a bus that’s set off without warning. And, of course, if there had been a trial or an inquest, its driver would have been given a tree or some tofu for taking the good fight to those whose cars were making life so unpleasant for theworld’s polar bears.. There was a lot more I liked as well. The styling may be ludicrously similar to that of the previous model. And the one before that. And the one before that as well. But the little things that have changed have given the new model some nice new curves. You could even call it good-looking.. I’m sure there is much that will disappoint the diehard 911 fan in the new effort. But there is so much to delight those of us who have never liked 911s. I could even see myself buying one. It’s a fab car. Really, really fab. And, all things considered, good value as well.. And all of this brings me nicely to the door of the Chrysler 300C that is parked outside my house. And my neighbour’s house, too. And the one after that. Other places that it is parked include Hammersmith, Swindon, Bristol and the eastern bits of Cardiff. It is very big. More than 16 1/2 feet long and almost 6 feet 3 inches wide, in fact.. Lots of smaller countries do this. They know that their airport is the nation’s porch, so they make it enormous to give the six annual visitors a sense that they have arrived in a country that’s going places. ‘Look at us. We make mobile phones and cars you haven’t heard of, and Santa lives here and that’s why we need an airport that is eighteen times bigger than LAX in Los Angeles. Because we are important.’. And it’s good value too. The new Aston Martin Vanquish is nudging ?200,000. The Bentley is just ?151,100. Not cheap. But for what you get, not bad at all. Certainly it comes with a lot of toys. And while many of the buttons and knobs are handcrafted and chromed and very Bentleyish, the fact is that behind the scenes, it’s pure Volkswagen. Which is another way of saying, ‘It’ll all work.’. Naturally there are many sharp edges. There’s one in particular on the steering wheel that could probably give you an elegant paper cut on that sensitive bit of webbing between your index finger and thumb.. Then there was the problem of its tailgate. In a proper Range Rover it splits, and you can use the bottom half as a seat when you are at a point-to-point. The Sport didn’t have this feature. It just had a normal hatchback, like a Volkswagen Golf.. And now the company has done it again with this car. It is called the A45 AMG, and, to be honest, I was expecting about 14 feet of solid, chewy disappointment. However… Let’s start with the engine. It’s a turbocharged 2-litre unit that meets emissions legislation that the EU hasn’t even introduced yet. It’s quite frugal too. Despite this, it’s the most powerful four-cylinder engine in production.. They’ve even worked out their own rules in there. The car park’s owner has introduced a one-way system and various give-way points, but they’ve been replaced with a simpler system, which is: whoever has the most expensive car has the right of way. It works rather well.. It therefore doesn’t need a big engine: 237 bhp – the stuff of hatchbacks – will give it a power-to-weight ratio of 268 bhp per tonne. And that’s the stuff of full-blooded supercars. Along with more than 40 mpg, which you’re lucky to get from a Toyota Prius. Frankly, if I were in charge, the 4C would be tax-free.. However, last Friday night I set off up the M1. It was dark and the middle of rush hour but, unusually, traffic was flowing quite well. In the outside lane everyone was doing 60 mph, Simon Mayo was on the radio with his‘all request’ Friday and I was going to have dinner with my boy..