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A lot of people wonder whyTop Gear films these really fast cars on an airfield. The reason is simple. On a road, almost all of them are borderline idiotic. And that’s why I was so pleased to climb on board the BAC Mono this morning. Because it isn’t.. Of course, you may imagine that by upping the power, Honda has sacrificed fuel economy. And you’d be right. It has: 1.9 mpg of it. But you should still be able to get more than 50 mpg, and that, thanks to a massive fuel tank, means you need visit the filling station only once every 650 miles. Let me just say that again. Once every 650 miles. That, all on its own, is a good enough reason for buying this car. But there’s more.. I suppose I ought to point out as well that while the engine delivers all that you could ask, it is not quite as refined as the diesel engine you get in a BMW. And that’s it.. It’s an interesting engine. Although it’s small – just 1.4 litres – it is fitted with a supercharger, which you don’t notice, and a turbocharger, which you do. On a motorway, if you caress the throttle pedal, you feel it working, girding its loins, preparing extra boost for when you stop the foreplay and dive right on in.. On top of the lack of power, it’s also thirsty, unrefined and sounds like a wounded whale. And none of that should surprise you. Because asking a Chevy engineer to design a four-cylinder engine is like asking a man in a burger van to poach a halibut. It’s still cooking, but it’s not the sort of cooking he’s used to.. The US navy has its F-14 Tomcats and F/A-18 Hornets, and it’s hard to see why these need replacing. Because it’s not like any other country in the world has anything even half as capable.. To drive? Well, it’s hard to say because the wheels weren’t balanced properly, and trying to be rational when viewing the world through wobble vision is like trying to concentrate on the finer points of someone who’s constantly hitting you over the head with an axe.. And now we get to the vexed question of price. Citro?n obviously knows it’s vexed, which is why the actual cost of the car – the single most important fact – is not listed in the press pack. But I’ve managed to find it. And for the top-of-the-range 1.6-litre HDi 115 XTR that I tested, it’s ?16,795. You can have a normal car for that.. When I see people on holiday in Greece, I always think, Why have you come to a country where they grow vines, eat the leaves and throw the grapes away, choosing instead to make their wine out of creosote? Of course, Spain is more civilized than that, but it doesn’t have a proper word for ‘beer’ and the food seems mostly to have come from the nearest bin.. While the profile may be familiar, there is no doubting the fact that the styling tweaks are extremely successful. This is a car that moons you with its beauty. The new Ferrari F12 is good-looking enough to cause a grown man to faint but the Vanquish is better still. It’s delightful on the inside too. The old Volvo satnav has been replaced with a system that tells you where you’re going rather than where you’ve been and the fiddly little buttons that plagued the short-sighted in previous models have been replaced with bigger ‘haptic feedback’ knobs thatbuzz slightly when you touch them. Why? Not a clue, but it’s nice.. Bought a USB dangly thing recently? It occupies less than a square inch but comes in a clear plastic container that could be used by a family of six as a fallout shelter. And that’s before we get to Easter eggs. They come in boxes the size of B-52 bombers and are wrapped in Cellophane and tinfoil and paper and about a million things the world can ill afford to waste. And it makes me seethe.. So it goes with the Jag and the Porsche. And I get that. I respect the Porsche immensely. But I simply couldn’t walk away from the Jag’s looks, or the noises it makes, or the absolute rightness of its cockpit. I’d buy the Jag. And I suspect you would too.. As a piece of engineering, then, it’s fabulous. Jaw-dropping. Mesmerizing. But as a car? Hmmm. There are one or two things that would drive you mad. For instance, every time you open the butterfly door to get in, the side window will take your eye out. I must also say that if you are tall, the cockpit is a little tight. And the satnav doesn’t work. It always thinks it’s where you were two hours earlier, but that’s not really the end of the world, because with the roof down you can’t see the screen anyway.. They’re not statements. They’re not cars for eco-lunatics. They are cars for people who want the speed they have now – and in some cases even more – but not the petrol bills. What we’ve done, then, is taken a technology intended for the greens… and hijacked it. We’ve weaponized the muesli.. And so in 1967 the changeover date became August 1. This, it was felt, would create two spikes. One at the beginning of the year, when people could take delivery of a 1968 model. And one in August, when the new letter became available. But it didn’t work. That letter meant more than the endeavours of Pope Gregory..