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Common usage.   const int sz = 100; // Buffer size;. 5E56,7667230284,Langler,Tyson,31.2147,0.00042117361.   static const bool is_exact = false;.   static T infinity() throw();. 4 12 15 17 19 21 26 30 47 48 56 58 60 63 71 79 82 90 92 95. Because the container is holding objects,mem_fun_ref( ) must be used with the pointer-to-member function. This version oftransform( ) takes the start and end point of the first range (where the objects live); the starting point of the second range, which holds the arguments to the member function; the destination iterator, which in this case is standard

output; and the function object to call for each object. This function object is created withmem_fun_ref( ) and the desired pointer to member. Notice that thetransform( ) andfor_each( ) template functions are incomplete;transform( ) requires that the function it calls return a value, and there is nofor_each( ) that passes two arguments to the function it calls. Thus, you cannot call a member function that returnsvoid and takes an argument usingtransform( ) orfor_each( ).. CALIFORNIA. elements> 6: 7 8 9 10.   }.   int x;.   }. Controlling access.         cout<< "Installing engine"<< endl;.     exit(EXIT_FAILURE);.

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