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are class diagrams useful class homeschool

Improving error recovery is one of the most powerful ways you can increase the robustness of your code.. //: C02:MemCheck.h. Iostreams to the rescue. #define D(A) T<< #A<< endl; A. public:. };.   copy(vd.begin(), vd.end(),.   assert(x == 12.34);.   // ranges of characters, but you should.   int y;.    virtual void f() {cout<< "A::f\n";}. 6.ModifyShapeFactory2.cpp so that it uses anAbstract Factory to create different sets of shapes (for example, one particular type of factory object creates "thick shapes," another creates "thin shapes," but each factory object can create all the shapes: circles, squares, triangles, and so on).. The previous example shows a fundamental problem when using threads: You never know when a thread might be run. Imagine sitting at a table with a fork, about to spear the last piece of food on your plate, and as your fork reaches for it, the food suddenly vanishes (because your thread was suspended and another task came in and stole the food). That’s the problem you’re dealing with when writing concurrent programs..     Guard g(workLock);. The goal of this chapter was to give you the foundations of concurrent programming with threads:.