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Notice that thisreplace( ) isnot called as a member function ofstring. Also, unlike thestring::replace( ) functions that only perform one replacement, thereplace( ) algorithm replacesall instances of one character with another..   void run() {. 4.For C++, the most crucial problem is that theprintf( ) family of functions is not particularly extensible. They’re really designed to handle only the four basic data types in C (char,int,float,double,wchar_t,char*,wchar_t*, andvoid*) and their variations. You might think that every time you add a new class, you could add overloadedprintf( ) andscanf( ) functions (and their variants for files and strings), but remember, overloaded functions must have different types in their argument lists, and theprintf( ) family hides its type information in the format

string and in the variable argument list. For a language such as C++, whose goal is to be able to easily add new data types, this is an ungainly restriction..            << "Chapter "<< CHAP.               ---------------------------------.   it3++; it4--;. const int asz = sizeof animal/sizeof *animal;.   Ring rs;. public:.   f.openNotifier.addObserver(bb.openObserver());. class Scissors;. #include “zthread/Thread.h”.     cerr<< e.what()<< endl;.         // Insert into queue. void: void pointers and run-time type identification· 609.

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