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//: C01:InitExcept.cpp. To illustrate, consider how to write a program that plays the guessing game of Hi-lo. You play this game by having one person think of a number between 1 and 100, and having the other person guess the number. (We’ll let the computer do the guessing.) The person who holds the number tells the guesser whether their guess is high, low or correct. The best strategy for the guesser is of coursebinary search, which chooses the midpoint of the range of numbers where the sought-after number resides. The high-low response tells the guesser which half of the list holds the number, and the process repeats, halving the size of the active search range on each iteration. So how do you write a loop to drive the repetition properly? It’s not sufficient to just say..

//{L} ReplaceAll. class FileClass {.     cout<< *p2<< endl;. };. struct SoftLogic {. kiss.     for(int i = 0; i< l.lspaces; i++).   it = rs.begin();. #include. Because threads can become blockedand because objects can have mutexes that prevent threads from accessing that object until the mutex is released, it’s possible for one thread to get stuck waiting for another thread, which in turn waits for another thread, and so on, until the chain leads back to a thread waiting on the first one. You get a continuous loop of threads waiting on each other, and no one can move. This is calleddeadlock.. · 55. fseek( ) · 203. FSTREAM.H· 197.

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