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2.1.4.The Transport Layer. The second group of constants defines the operation numbers. These are needed to ensure that the client and server agree on which code will represent a READ, which code will represent a WRITE, and so on. We have only shown four here, but in a real system there would normally be more.. Fig. 2-39. Examples of the vectors used by CBCAST.. The first issue we will look at is thread management. Two alternatives are possible here, static threads and dynamic threads. With a static design, the choice of how many threads there will be is made when the program is written or when it is compiled. Each thread is allocated a fixed stack. This approach is simple, but inflexible.. Now let us consider having the kernel know about and manage the threads. No runtime system is needed, as shown in Fig. 4-8(b). Instead, when a thread wants to create a new thread or destroy an existing thread, it makes a kernel call, which then does the creation or destruction.. 4.6.2. Design Issues. 8. Can you think of any other kinds of files that can safely be stored on user workstations of the type described in the preceding problem?. Even with these precautions, one must be careful. In particular, if a machine opens, caches, and then closes a file, upon opening it again the cache manager must still check to see if the cache is valid. After all, some other process might have subsequently opened, modified, and closed the file. Many variations of this centralized control algorithm are possible, with differing semantics. For example, servers can keep track of cached files, rather than open files. All these methods have a single point of failure and none of them scale well to large systems.. The biggest difference between bus-based multiprocessors and ring-based multiprocessors such as Memnet is that the former are tightly

coupled, with the CPUs normally being in a single rack. In contrast, the machines in a ring-based multiprocessor can be much more loosely coupled, potentially even on desktops spread around a building, like machines on a LAN, although this loose coupling can adversely effect performance. Furthermore, unlike a bus-based multiprocessor, a ring-based multiprocessor like Memnet has no separate global memory. The caches are all there is. In both respects, ring-based multiprocessors are almost a hardware implementation of distributed shared memory.. (a) WeakShared data can only be counted on to be consistent after a synchronization is doneReleaseShared data are made consistent when a critical region is exitedEntryShared data pertaining to a critical region are made consistent when a critical region is entered. [Картинка: any2fbimgloader200]. The bullet server can run in user space as an ordinary process. However, if it is running on a dedicated machine, with no other processes on that machine, a small performance gain can be achieved by putting it in the kernel. The semantics are unchanged by this move. Clients cannot even tell where it is located.. Theyield call is a hint to the scheduler that the thread has nothing useful to do at the moment, and is waiting for some event to happen before it can continue. An intelligent scheduler will take the hint and run another thread. In Mach, which normally schedules its threads preemptively,yield is only optimization. In systems that have nonpreemptive scheduling, it is essential that a thread that has no work to do release the CPU, to give other threads a chance to run.. Fig. 8-19. (a) Situation just before the capability is sent. (b) Situation after it has arrived.. [Картинка: any2fbimgloader258].

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