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You can edit the list of timeservers that can be contacted using the Add, Edit, and Remove buttons beside the server list. The NTP Server Pool Project maintains a pool of publicly accessible timeservers; the default server list ( , , ) configures your system to randomly select up to three timeservers from the pool at boot. To use a timeserver in your country, use your ISO country code as the hostname within domain; I’m in Canada, so a server in my country could be found using the ..  Identifier “Videocard0”. ? Turn off your wireless network radio when it is not in use. Most laptops have a wireless kill switch (sometimes labeledairplane orflight mode ) that turns off the radio portion of the wireless card. This can cut your power consumption by up to 5 percent..  Option “SecondMonitorHorizSync” “31.0 – 80.0”. K05saslauthd K50snmptrapd S05kudzu. soccer:x:505:richard,jake,wilson,audrey,shem,mike,olgovie,newton. package selmyscan is not installed. /usr/share/doc/a52dec-0.7.4/ChangeLog. Once the RAID array has been created, make a filesystem on it, as you would with any other block device:. An incremental backup scheme usually involves making full backups periodically and then making incremental backups until the scheduled time of the next full backup. Restoring from an incremental backup therefore requires you to restore a full backup, then restore all of the incremental backups from that point forward. Thus, the time required for a restore operation may be much longer than for a system that uses only full backups. Also, if one of the backups is unusable due to media corruption or damage, you will not be able to reliably perform a full recovery.. #!/bin/bash.  }. controls {. Deny from all. dac: chris.