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Most drives of comparable quality have similar transfer rates and MTTF. For example, if you compare enterprise SAS drives with 15,000 RPM rotational speed from different vendors, you will probably find similar transfer rates and MTTF. Transfer rates can be expressed in megabytes per second (MBps) or gigabits per second (Gbps). A rate of 1.5 Gbps is equivalent to a data rate of 187.5 MBps, and 3.1 Gbps is equivalent to 375 MBps. Sometimes you’ll get a maximum external transfer rate (per the specification to which the drive complies) and an average sustained transfer rate. The average sustained transfer rate is the most important factor.. You can use dynamic disks with any current version of Windows and many other operating systems, including most UNIX variants. However, keep in mind that you need to create a separate volume for any operating system not based on Windows.. ? Two-way mirrorsCreates a mirrored set by writing two copies of a computer’s data, helping to protect against a single drive failure. Two-way mirrors require at least two drives. With two-way mirrors, there is a 1/2 (50 percent) overhead for redundancy with two drives. As an example, you could allocate two 2-TB drives as a two-way mirror, giving you 2 TB of mirrored storage.. After you create a storage pool, you can allocate space from the pool to virtual disks that are available to your servers. Each physical disk allocated to the pool can be handled in one of three ways:. Individual folders can have multiple shares. Each share can have a different name and a different set of access permissions. To create additional shares on an existing share, just follow the preceding steps for creating a share with these changes:. 11.On the Confirm Selections page, review your selections. When you tap or click Create, the wizard creates the share, configures it, and sets permissions. The status should state,“The share was successfully created.” If an error is displayed instead, note the error and take corrective action as appropriate before repeating this procedure to create the share. Tap or click Close.. Table 4–4 shows special permissions used to create the basic permissions for folders. As you study the special permissions, keep in mind that when you create files and folders, these files and folders inherit certain permission settings from parent objects. These permission settings are shown as the default permissions.. You can configure file and folder auditing by following these steps:. FIGURE 5–7Select the registry path or value to secure.. Group Policy includes basic functionality, called Software Installation policy, for deploying software. Although Software Installation policy is not designed to replace enterprise solutions such as System Center 2012 R2, you can use it to automate the deployment and maintenance of software in just about any size organization if your computers are running the Windows operating system.. Generally, most automatic updates are installed only when a computer is shut down and restarted. Some automatic updates can be installed immediately without interrupting system services or requiring system restart. To ensure that some updates can be installed immediately, follow these steps:. 2.In the Add Scope To A Superscope dialog box, select a superscope.. ?For Active Directory-integrated zones, every domain controller that is a DNS server in the domain must be running Windows Server 2008 R2 or later if the signed zone is set to replicate to all DNS servers in the domain. Every domain controller that is a DNS server in the forest must be running Windows Server 2008 R2 or later if the signed zone is set to replicate to all DNS servers in the forest.. 9.Tap or click Next. Note the objects that will be imported, and then tap or click Next. On the Select Import Options page, choose one of the following options in the Import Mode list:. Performing a full backup of the server.