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Chapter 12,Version Control, describes VC mode for version control and its interface to CVS, RCS, Subversion, and SCCS.. You can change the display of the bookmark list slightly by pressingt. By default, the list shows a bookmark’s name, followed by the complete path to the file with which it is associated. If you presst (fortoggle), only the bookmark names appear.. Type:C-M-\. [Картинка: i_161.jpg]. . Note that Emacs is not following our indentation style. We can correct it by moving to the beginning of the line and pressingTab. SeeTable 8-4 earlier in this chapter for details on SGML mode commands.. int x, y;. Emacs displays the startup buffer for Custom (Mac OS X).. When using the mouse, simply select the desired choice from the list. When using the text approach, type the number (or other character) corresponding to your desired choice. The options available are similar to those that apply to the entire buffer. You’ll see the familiar save and reset options along with a few new ones:. That way you can easily get back to a known, working version of your.emacs file. If things get really bad, just start over. Rename your current.emacs file and then copy and paste small chunks of it at a time.. But you need not call it in this way. If you wanted to use this function to write another function calledtranslate-buffer-into-German, you would only need to write the following as a “wrapper”:. TableВ 11-5.В Basic regular expression operatorsEmacs operatorEquivalentFunction.?Matches any character..**Matches any string.[abc][abc]Matchesa,b, orc.[a-z][a-z]Matches any lowercase letter.. By now it should come as no surprise that you can change many details about the way that Ediff works so it better fits your way of thinking and working. After you’ve got a good grasp of the basics, you can use the Custom facility described inChapter 10 to tweak the way Ediff works by choosing Toolsв†’ Ediff Miscellanea в†’ Customize Ediff. If the use of a separate operating system window (frame) for the control window is driving you batty, you can toggle that behavior right away by choosing Tools в†’ Ediff Miscellanea в†’ Toggle use of separate control buffer frame.. • Text and auto-fill modes. TableВ B-7.В Networking support.