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?At byte offset 8, there is a 4-byte value indicating the first logical block of the partition, and this is followed by a 4-byte value indicating size of the partition in units of logical blocks. Both of these values are used by UEFI.. When you’re ready to proceed, tap or click OK. Because formatting a partition destroys any existing data, Disk Management gives you one last chance to cancel the procedure. Tap or click OK to start formatting the partition. Disk Management changes the drive’s status to reflect the formatting and the percentage of completion. When formatting is complete, the drive status changes to reflect this.. 2.Press and hold or right-click the share with which you want to work, and then tap or click Properties.. You use disk quota templates to define quota properties, including the limit, quota type, and notification thresholds. In File Server Resource Manager, you can view the currently defined disk quota templates by expanding the Quota Management node, and then selecting Quota Templates. Table 4–6, shown earlier, provides a summary of the default disk quota templates. Table 4–7, which follows, shows variables that can be used for automatically generated messages and events.. 17.On the Registry Settings Summary page, review the values that will be changed on the selected server if the security policy is applied. Note the current value and the value that will be applied by the policy. Tap or click Next.. 8.During logon or logoff, scripts are executed in the order in which they’re listed in the Properties dialog box. On the Scripts tab, use the Up and Down buttons to reorder scripts as necessary. Do the same on the PowerShell Scripts tab, on which you can also use the selection list to specify whether Windows PowerShell scripts should run before or after other types ofscripts.. If you press and hold or right-click the Wired Network (IEEE 802.3) node, you can create a policy for Windows Vista and later releases that specifies whether the Wire AutoConfig service is used to configure and connect these clients to 802.3 wired Ethernet networks. For Windows 7 and later releases of Windows, you have options for preventing the sharing of user credentials and

for specifying whether to prohibit computers from making autoconnection attempts to the network for a specified amount of time.. ? CNAME (canonical name)Sets an alias for a host name. For example, by using this record, can have an alias of ? Keep Printed DocumentsTypically, documents are deleted from the queue after they’re printed. To keep a copy of documents in the printer, select this option. Use this option if you’re printing files that can’t easily be re-created. In this way, you can reprint the document without having to re-create it. For details, see “Pausing, resuming, and restarting individual document printing” later in this chapter.. To remove a document from the printer or cancel a print job, select the document in the print management window. Press and hold or right-click the document, and tap or click Cancel or press the Delete key.. Checking the properties of documents in the printer. ? Can you supplement backups with shadow copies?Shadow copiesare point-in-time copies of documents in shared folders. These point-in-time copies make recovering documents easy because you can quickly go back to an older version in case a document is deleted or overwritten accidentally. You should use shadow copies in addition to standard backups, not to replace backup procedures.. ? Do you need to store backups off site?Storing copies of backups off site is essential to recovering your systems in the event of a natural disaster. In your off-site storage location, you should also include copies of the software you might need to install to reestablish operational systems.. ? Differential backupsDesigned to create backup copies of files that have changed since the last normal backup. The presence of thearchiveattribute indicates that the file has been modified, and only files with this attribute set are backed up. However, thearchiveattribute on files isn’t modified. This enables you to perform other types of backups on the files at a later date.. ?—userSets the user name to use when connecting to the remote shared folder..

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