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1.The Shares subnode of the File And Storage Services node shows existing shares for file servers that have been added for management. In the Shares pane, tap or click Tasks, and then tap or click New Share to start the New Share Wizard.. 1.In Computer Management, connect to the computer on which you created the share.. Disconnecting a network drive. Rather than re-creating custom disk quota entries on individual volumes, you can export the settings from a source volume, and then import the settings to another volume. You must format both volumes by using NTFS. To export and then import disk quota entries, follow these steps:. 19.On the Audit Policy Summary page, review the settings that will be changed on the selected server if the security policy is applied. Note the current setting and the setting that will be applied by the policy. Tap or click Next.. 1.In Network And Sharing Center, tap or click Change Adapter Settings. In Network Connections, press and hold or right-click the connection with which you want to work, and then tap or click Properties.. ? Print ServerConfigures the server as a print server and installs the Print Management console. You can use the Print Management console to manage multiple printers and print servers, to migrate printers to and from other print servers, and to manage print jobs.. 4.On the Printer Driver page, shown in Figure 10-7, choose one of the following options:. When the Network Printer Installation Wizard finishes installing the new printer, the Printers folder will have an additional icon with the name set the way you specified. You can change the printer properties and check printer status at any time. For more information, see“Configuring printer properties” later in this chapter.. 3.In the Additional Drivers dialog box, select operating systems that can download the printer driver. As necessary, insert the Windows Server 2012 R2 installation media, printer driver discs, or both for the selected operating systems. The Windows Server 2012 R2 installation media has drivers for most Windows operating systems.. Setting document defaults. ?Access the Devices And Printers folder on the print server you want to manage. Double-tap or double-click the icon of the printer with which you want to work. If the printer isn’t configured on your system, you can manage the printer remotely by using the Network console. Double-tap or double-click the icon of the print server with which you want to work, and then doubletap or double-click the Devices And Printers folder or the Printers folder.. You can use the print management window to empty the print queue and delete all its contents. To do this, choose Cancel All Documents from the Printer menu. Emptying the print queue is especially useful when a printer has had an issue and users have printed the same documents multiple times.. [-overwrite:{Overwrite | CreateCopy | skip}]. 5.On the Actions tab, tap or click New. In the New Action dialog box, select Start A Program in the Action list..