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Most people vaguely understand that Intel-compatible chips sit at the heart of PCs. But things are really changing with Windows 8. Starting with this release, you can now also purchase PCs and tablets that are based on a competing and incompatible chipset called ARM (advanced RISC machine).. Windows 8 supports a new type of user account that is based around your Microsoft account, or what used to be called a Windows Live ID. And while you could still use the old-fashioned local account that you previously configured, we recommend accepting Setup’s offer to switch this account to one based on your Microsoft account. Doing so is highly recommended: You gain impressive PC-to-PC settings synchronization and integration functionality by enabling this account type. As a result, we will assume you do this.. • Product key: Microsoft will provide you with a 25-digit product key that you must have handy during the Windows Setup process. We recommend printing this out if possible or having a second PC or device available nearby so that you can read this key from that second device and input it on the PC to which you are installing Windows 8.. If you learn just one Metro-based user experience, it should be how to access the Charms bar, a menu of useful system-level options that is perhaps the key to mastering Windows 8. This is shown in Figure 3-11.. Don’t see an option for ReadyBoost? It’s a technology that requires both the USB device and the PC’s USB hardware to meet certain performance characteristics. So it won’t always appear as a choice.. If you click the toast, you’ll be presented with a window similar to the one shown in Figure 4-38. (It will, of course, vary according to the file type.) Here, you see a list of Metro-style apps and desktop applications that can open a certain file type. And if you always want to open that file type with a certain application, this is a great time to make sure that happens.. Remember that deleting tiles from the Start screen won’t remove those applications. You can see this by opening the All Apps view by tapping Winkey (or Start) and then choosing All Apps from the Start screen app bar, which appears at the bottom of the screen. In this All Apps view, all of the installed applications are available and are even segregated in groups.. Keyboard users can use the Winkey + I shortcut to go directly to Internet Explorer Settings.. • Messages pane: Displays the contents of the current folder in the currently selected e-mail account. (The default is Inbox.). • Full-screen toggle: Toggle between the truly full-screen view and the previous full-screen view, which includes additional biographical and discography information about the currently playing artist.. Xbox LIVE began in 2002 as a feature of the original Xbox console. It was an offshoot of the multiplayer features in the firstHalo game, and essentially formalized those features across an online network that other games could then use. But the Xbox LIVE service as we now know it appeared in 2005 alongside the Xbox 360, Microsoft’s second video game console. At that time, Microsoft greatly enhanced Xbox LIVE, providing the core capabilities and experiences that Xbox 360 gamers—and Windows Phone and now Windows 8 games gamers—still enjoy today.NOTE. • Two-way mirror: Here, your data is mirrored on two physical hard disks, protecting that data from a single hard disk failure. This configuration requires a storage pool with at least two physical disks. However, the available storage in the pool will be halved, assuming both disks are the same size.. Domain accounts are used by corporations that utilize an Active Directory infrastructure running on top of Windows Server. The account is centrally managed by your employer, as are whatever permissions and capabilities you may be able to enjoy.. Using this information to keep track of usage is, of course, valuable for cellular data connections, which are always metered. You can click the Reset link in the Networks pane to reset the data usage estimate to 0.. • Printers and devices: When you configure a printer or other attached device for one PC, it can be made automatically available to all the other home PCs that join the homegroup..