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In some ways, this is all academic, even given the improvements Microsoft has made to Setup, especially with the web-based installer. That’s because performing a clean install will typically be a one-time affair with Windows 8, even for those that really need it: This version of Windows includes new Push Button Reset functionality that allows you to wipe out and quickly reinstall Windows 8 without needing to step through Setup again, as is the case with Windows 7 and previous Windows versions. So once you’ve got Windows 8 on a PC, it’s unlikely you’ll ever need to do this again. And since most people acquire Windows with a new PC, or upgrade from a previous release to the new version, most will never run through Setup this way at all. We examine Push Button Reset, and other ways to back up and restore, inChapter 11.. Finally, it’s worth noting that the Windows Flip 3D task-switching interface that was available in both Windows Vista and 7 is no longer available in Windows 8. Now, the Windows Flip 3D keyboard shortcut—Winkey + Tab—activates Switcher instead. Sorry, Flip 3D fans.. Like other Metro-style apps, Windows Store provides a simple Settings interface, and it is through this interface that you can access your account settings and other store-related preferences. Likewise, accessing this interface occurs as it does in other Metro experiences, through the Settings pane. You can access this pane from within Windows Store by typing Winkey + I, by swiping in from the right edge of the screen, or by using the mouse to enable the Charms bar and then choosing Settings.. The IE Metro User Experience. The desktop version of Internet Explorer 10 provides this same capability in Windows 8, but the new Metro-style version of IE 10 offers a unique, Metro-based take on this functionality: You can now pin websites to the Start screen as well.. In such cases, you’ll see some content that isn’t displaying correctly, along with a message like that shown in Figure 7-30 indicating that the site would load properly only if you downloaded the appropriate add-on. This happens most frequently with Adobe Flash (though many such sites do work in IE Metro) and (irony alert) Microsoft Silverlight based sites.. • Find: By using the Find button in Reader’s app bar, you can search for text within the current document. This interface supplies Previous and Next buttons so you can find individual references to the search text, and an optional results pane, that calls out each instance of the search text in the document for quick navigation..

That said, you’ll want to be careful about choosing games that work on both, and as you can see in Figure 10-5, the Windows Store landing page for each game will describe which platforms are supported.. If you have only configured one user account, you cannot, however, change it from an administrator-type account to a standard user account. You must always have one administrator configured on the PC.. Figure 12-11: You can enable parental controls when you add a new account to the PC. [Картинка: i_404.jpg]. Remember that the Guest account is temporary to each sign-in. So when the user signs out of the Guest account, any settings changes or documents they’ve created will be deleted. Each time you sign in to the Guest account is like the first time that account is used, and nothing is retained.. Wireless networks, of course, require a bit more finesse. Unlike wired networks, they’re not assumed to be safe, since you could be connecting to the Internet from a caf?, airport, or other location where electronic predators are lurking, waiting to steal your valuable personal information directly from the airwaves. Furthermore, not all wireless networks were created equal: There are wide-open, unprotected wireless networks and protected networks that offer various levels of security. But even the various types of networks aren’t completely safe, so it’s best to err on the side of safety, which is exactly what Windows 8 does.. Figure 13-13: Airplane mode is available from Networks. [Картинка: i_426.jpg]. • Install and run an operating system in virtual machines: At some point, you are of course going to need to install an operating system in that virtual machine, configure it to your liking, and then possibly install applications within it. You do so as you do when installing Windows or other OSes on a physical PC, except in this case it’s running virtually and is accessible in a window as shown in Figure 14-11.. • Slide scrolling: While smartphones often use a vertical form of scrolling, similar to document-based applications like Microsoft Word, Windows 8 was designed to be used in landscape mode by default, and its multiscreen experiences usually scroll from left-to-right, not up and down. To scroll quickly through these multiscreen experiences, you can swipe the display with your finger, as in Figure 6. A swipe to the left will cause the display to scroll to the right..

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